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Kittens tossed from car on busy Lancaster road

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Deplorable, disgusting and cruel are just a few of the adjectives people used when talking about the kittens who were tossed along Centerville Road in Lancaster County on Mother's Day.

"I was so angry that I was shaking," said Lori Kelley, rescue manager at Pet Pantry of Lancaster County.

Kelley just happened to be on Centerville Road when she saw something she could not believe.

"I saw this little black furry thing bouncing in the road," she said.

Kelley says two four-week-old kittens were tossed out of a moving car.

"They were screaming, crying, panicked and were trying to get away," she said.

The kittens, a brother and sister, received the names Karma and Kismet. They sustained only bumps and bruises, but this cruel act has left a more permanent mark on the community.

"I say they are just plain stupid. That's the best way to describe them," said Kelly Slater of Lancaster.

"It's absolutely deplorable. They should be caught and brought to justice," said Nina Whiting of Lancaster.

Many are left scratching their heads and wonder why.

"There are plenty of humane leagues in the state and plenty of people who would have taken them in, there is no reason to toss them out of a window," Whiting said.

For Kelley, it is hard to swallow.

"It's heartless and very cruel. They are fortunate that they are not injured. They only weigh a pound," she said.

Together Karma and Kismet equal two pounds of pure cuteness.

"If there could be some retribution, maybe then other people would think twice about doing something like this," Kelley said.

The Pet Pantry of Lancaster County is accepting donations for the kittens. They will be ready to adopt out in a few weeks time.

Anyone with information regarding those responsible are asked to contact authorities.

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