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Take steps to minimize allergy symptoms

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Allergy season is a time of the year that most would like to skip.

Medical professionals say some patients are confused by their symptoms.

Rebekah Wickenheiser is a physicians assistant with Patient First. She says people who are suffering want answers.

"For some, it is hard to determine if it is just allergies or is it more than that, a cold or sinus infection or allergies that lead to a sinus infection," Wickenheiser said.

Wickenheiser says people are most allergic to pollen and dust mites. She recommends that sufferers start taking antihistamines now so it's in their system before things get worse.

Medical professionals say steps can be taken to minimize allergy symptoms. People should avoid leaving their windows open in their homes and use the air conditioning. Limit your outdoor activity between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., when pollen counts are highest, vacuum often, and keep your bedding clean.

Wickenheiser says people like to work in the yard this time of year and they need to take precautions once they go inside their homes.

"Take your shoes off or any clothes you may be wearing that have pollen on them," she said. "When you get in the house, take a quick shower to get the pollen off your body."

Health experts say using pollen-removing air filters and changing them on a regular basis can help reduce allergy symptoms.

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