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Hackers targeting Midstate companies harder to combat

Hackers targeting Midstate companies harder to combat

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Late last month, a local payroll company was hit by hackers.

In a media release they said, "user names and passwords related to our client service center" were compromised by an intruder operating under a foreign IP address.

"There are companies out there today that are infected with Malware and don't know about it. It happens all the time," said Chuck Davis, a professor of computer forensics at Harrisburg University.

Davis says detecting and combating intruders is a cat-and-mouse game made more complicated by multiple device usage. Modern hackers now run algorithms designed to bypass virus software and do so nearly as fast as those programs are being developed.

He says companies dealing with data are often sought out by overseas companies, funded by governments and even gangs and mafias.

Davis says its important for businesses big and small to bring in experts and educate employees. He described one method of how he would go about detecting an issue.

"Go in and take a look at all of what is still on the system that has been deleted, thinking that maybe they had tried to cover their tracks," he said.

The latest local victim of hackers says they will be providing those affected with "access to one free year of credit monitoring, call center support and identity restoration services in the event any employee discovers fraudulent activity related to his or her identity."

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