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Midstate woman votes for the first time

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Election day in Pennsylvania will send many voters to the polls and for one Midstate woman, casting a ballot today was special.

The Dauphin County Library, a place that holds history, witnessed history on election day. "I'm very excited. Today I'm going to vote for the first time in my life," said Mubeshreh Bhatti.

Bhatti was born and raised in Pakistan. She says she belongs to a minority sect of Islam. "In 1984 the president of Pakistan made an amendment and declared Ahmadiyya muslim will not be allowed to vote unless they recant their faith," said Bahtti.

So Bahtti never cast a ballot.

She moved to the United States in April of 2010 and married her husband, Kalim Bahtti, and last November, she became a U-S citizen.

Bahtti says she did some preparation before heading to the polls. "I did a little bit of homework before voting so I could know politicians who are active and doing a good job for our community," said Bahtti.

"As for as voting, it's a big deal for her never having voted before and this is truly land of the free. That's why we love America so much" said Kalim Bahtti.

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