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Rally celebrates same-sex marriage ruling

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Same-sex couples across Pennsylvania are celebrating a big victory. A federal judge has struck down Pennsylvania's ban on gay marriage.

A sign reading "22 years is a helluva long time to wait," held by a couple during a rally Tuesday evening at the Capitol, summed up the struggle that is now behind them.

"A woman across from me said, 'Oh, we have gay marriage now in PA. And I said what?" Peg Welch of York said.

Welch was at work when the news broke; news she never thought she would hear.

"There was a time when we never thought this would happen in our lifetime. We knew it would happen, just weren't sure if we would get to see it," Welch said.

At the Capitol steps, the couples stood as one.

"An injustice has been done and injustice has been done for a long time and we are going to stop it today," said Julia Lubor of Susquehanna Township.

Lobur and her partner Marla Cattermole were one of a few who were on the lawsuit fighting for their rights against the state.

"It's a good day to be in Pennsylvania. People are finally coming to understand that we are all humans here on this earth and we should all be entitled to live our lives as we see fit," Cattermole said.

Standing in opposition remains the Family Institute, which released this statement:

"Here on Election Day when people are voting for their elected officials and they come to find that the actions of their elected officials can simply be overturned by a judge or by a lawsuit by the ACLU, that troubles people."

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