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Same-Sex Couples Meets Opposition at Wending Venue

Same-sex couple meets opposition at wedding venue

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - For Julie Pilger and Melanie Kirk, a same-sex Mechanicsburg couple who have been together for 10 years, making wedding plans has been no walk in the park. 

"Just because the state says it is legal for us to get married doesn't mean everyone overnight says' yes, now that the state says its fine we are good and we all accept it," said Pilger. 

The couple learned the hard way that there are still more obstacles out there. Saturday, the two viewed a wedding venue at a local fire hall. The rental coordinator showed them around the hall, but when she found out Pilger and Kirk were the couple getting married she changed her tune. 
"I told them because I am under the fire company I cannot deny renting the hall to them. I began to say I personally know what life's good book says but I was not permitted to finish my sentence," said rental coordinator Ruth Landis. 

Pilger and Kirk stopped Landis before she could continue to speak and left the property. Had they stayed to hear what Landis had to say, this is what she would have told them.

"I was going to say I will stand before God and answer to my actions. I personally cannot condone what God calls an abomination. I also know they will stand before God and I feel very sorry for them because of what I know. I cannot personally encourage their relationship," said Landis. 

Both Pilger and Kirk couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"It took us both off guard. I think we didn't expect that kind of response," said Kirk. 

From there, the search for a venue and acceptance continued. 

"Immediately we both felt this isn't where we want this, we want to do it where we are accepted," said Pilger. 

Pilger and Kirk said all they ask for is respect. 

"She is allowed her belief, her ideals. We don't have any issue with her believing in that. She could have kept those beliefs to herself," said Pilger. 

It was at Pilger and Kirk's request that we did not share the name of the fire hall where his encounter occurred. The couple has since booked a new venue for their upcoming wedding. As for Landis, her beliefs and opinions do not represent the fire station in which she works for as a volunteer. 
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