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Police investigate journey of missing Cumb. Co. puppy

Police investigate journey of missing Cumb. Co. puppy

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It was the first litter of puppies that Crystal Ellis decided to sell. 

"She just instantly fell in love with her," she said of the Camp Hill buyer. 

When that buyer reported her missing, Crystal decided to put a few posts on Craigslist hoping that a good Samaritan would reach out. Instead, she got a call from State Police. 

"They said, 'Are you aware of the situation? I had seen your ad on Craigslist. I saw what happened. This is where she is..."
It turns out Ellie had been sold to a family in Lancaster County. They too had seen Crystal's ad on Craigslist and called the cops. 

"Thieves are very opportunistic and when they see a chance where they can take someone else's property and possibly capitalize off of it, they are going to do so," said Pennsylvania State Police spokesperson, Tpr. Rob Hicks. 

Valued at around $800, German Shepard puppies can rake in top dollar. If stolen, it is prosecuted like any other high-value theft. 

Ellie was identified by her microchip, technology that Crystal thinks all owners should take advantage of.

She wants pet owners to know that like our kids our pets can use a watchful eye and credits Craigslist for bringing this case of a missing dog; 
to a close. "It played a huge role because if I hadn't put that on there that family would have never came forward and we still would have been wondering. Where is she? Where is she?"

The story does not have a perfect ending, but it is a happy one. When the original owner found out how attached the child of the new owners had become to the dog, she decided to let them keep her. 
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