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York County changes rules for public parks

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Lake Redmond is a hot spot for all kinds of outdoor activities. York County commissioners want to keep it family friendly and have some new rules to keep that intact.

Next month, the county's public parks will allow new activities to cater to the latest trends in outdoor sports.

"Wind surfing and flat boarding have become very popular, and I think the changes reflect that," commissioner Chris Reilly said.

Also new: boaters will be able to have their boats in the water at Lake Williams and Lake Redmond 24 hours a day. Nearby resident Dana Myers says fisherman have been asking for that for years.

"The fisherman can't get in early in the morning, and if they allow it 24-7 then they'll have the gate open," Myers said.

Some say allowing boaters to hit the water at night could be dangerous.

"I feel like it's more dangerous because you can't see what you are doing and I don't know that many people would, to be honest," said Emma Thomas of Leader Heights.

New changes to park rules also include specific language regarding soliciting sexual activities.

"It's a family venue and unfortunately individuals and families have been exposed to that type of activity over the years. It's unfortunate, but I am happy to say it has been curtailed," Reilly said.

Fueled by visitor complaints, in 2009 a sting operation caught nearly 100 men soliciting sex in county parks. Myers says he remembers when people would stay away.

"When the guys were in here, people were staying out because they were afraid to come in," Myers said.

Zero tolerance will be taken with violators. The county's goal is to attract those who use their parks the right way.

"It ruins it for the people who come down here and use it for what it's meant to be used for," Myers said.

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