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Pa. senator pushing for GMO labeling on food

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State Senator Daylin Leach says Senate Bill 653 would require companies to label their food if any ingredients are genetically engineered.

Leach says his legislation is not groundbreaking, and he says Pennsylvanians deserve to know what's in the food they're buying and consuming.

"We are asking leadership to put it up for vote and let us protect the consumers of Pennsylvania," Leach said, "or at least protect their right to know so they can make informed decisions.

Leach says the food industry is spending millions of dollars to avoid labeling food.

Karen Stark attended the rally at the Capitol. She is a cancer survivor who supports labeling.

"Until they have a test to tell me that the estrogen that comes from soy that could be causing cancer is either from genetically engineered crop or conventional crop or an organic crop, I just need to know, I need that label," Stark said.

Leach says he has support from members of the House and Senate and on both sides of the aisle. He says the next step is to have a hearing on his bill.

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