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Black Bear eats muffin, ignores police in Silver Spring

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Jim Weber has some work to do on his bird feeders thanks to a curious creature.

"My wife and her friends said, 'There's a bear!' and they took off and went into the house and I just stood here and watched it," he said from his Silver Spring Township backyard.

Weber says that just about everyone who lives near the intersection of Millers Gap and Wertzville Road has encountered a bear in the past few days.

"That's how big she is! I can't get her in the picture frame," said Bill Lamadue, owner of Visaggio's Restaurant, while pointing to a picture of a black bear's torso.

He caught the whole to his home on camera.

"It turns its head and went right over to the end of the porch, reached out over the porch and into the bushes and picked up a muffin. A little muffin," he said.

The smaller bear ate the muffin as the larger, perhaps mother bear, waited and watched.

"I mean they are gorgeous," said Lamadue, "Absolutely gorgeous."

Gorgeous as they may be, the Pennsylvania Game Commission says that these sightings point to two things, dwindling habitats and growing numbers.

Over the weekend, Silver Spring Township police even tried to address the issue.

"I don't know if they were trying to scare it back up the mountain or what. They weren't being too successful," joked Weber.

That's the frightening part. The bear didn't seem to mind the sirens or a barking police K-9.

"He's getting too cozy," said Weber.

The Game Commission advises that if you come into contact with a black bear, it is best to keep your distance and avoid eye contact. Likely, once the bear notices you, it will run off.

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