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Farmers: Shaping up to be a sweet strawberry season

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Strawberry season has sprung in the Midstate, and farmers say this season is shaping up to be sweeter than usual.

The season started this week, a little later than usual.

"The cool, wet spring, that's the reason they're later," said Paul Lebo, a supervisor at Oak Grove Farms. "We just had cool weather. I don't think we had any frost that affected the strawberries at all, so we should have a big crop."

Lebo said strawberries should also be bigger and sweeter because of the rain.

"It's good for them," he said. "Strawberries can take quite a bit of water. They're supposed to get an inch to an inch and a half of water a week."

There are plenty of ripe, red juicy berries, but still a lot of green ones. Lebo said the peak of strawberry season comes during the second, third and fourth weeks of June.

"We sell usually around 50,000 quart a year," he said.

Patti Christopherson picked two quarts.

"It's just fun to get out," she said. "How often do you get a chance to pick the fruit you're gonna eat in season and go eat it that day? It's doesn't happen to often. They might make it home."

Lebo said strawberry season usually lasts until around July 4.

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