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York considers ordinance to improve image

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

The White Rose City is considering a new ordinance to clean up its act. The strategy proposed would issue a $25 ticket for trash and other property maintenance problems.

"People need to be more respectable for everyone else in the area," said Michael Fortner, a city resident.

In Fortner's area near York Revolution's ballpark, garbage bags dumped on the streets are left to bake in the hot sun.

"There is rice and a lot of stuff laying on the ground and when the wind picks it up, it blows around and scatters," Fortner said.

Some say a big problem is the cats that rummage through trash bags left on the streets.

"The cats get in it and then you have all kinds of disgusting stuff going around, smells and everything," Dwayne Chance said.

"If the trash sits out too early they dig in it, make a mess and then it becomes trash all over the place," Todd Heiland said.

Under the proposed neighborhood improvement ordinance, first and second time offenders would receive a $25 ticket. Repeat offenders would be fined $150 or more; another reason why homeowners and landlords need to keep up with their growing grass.

"There is a remarkable amount of trash around. There are so many people who live in the city and people throw stuff down and it blows away and it blows into yards," said Heiland.

Heiland cuts grass for the city's development authority. As he rides around town, he notices the problem areas. On one hand it keeps him busy with work, but as a city resident he would like to see York make a fresh start.

"There is a lot of stuff they can clean up and it's fine with me, but let's see if it works first and we'll go from there," Heiland said.

A vote on the neighborhood improvement ordinance is expected in July.

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