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It's a glowing debut for the Harrisburg 5-K Glow Run

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - It's always a bit risky starting anything, like the Glow Run 5-K run which took place Saturday night in Harrisburg. You never know what the response is going to be.

"We have 300 people involved tonight that are pre-registered to run the race," said one of the organizers of the race, Stacia Zewe. "And we're expecting about a hundred more."

They ended up getting around 300 more in day-of registrations! All proceeds from the race were staying in Harrisburg for a good cause.

"This particular event benefits "Lighten up Harrisburg," Zewe said, "Which was started a few years ago to focus on lights, safety, community in Harrisburg."

Every dollar is going to help lessen those darkened street lights you see in the city.

"Actually Stacia came to me," said the other organizer of the event, Devan Drabik. "She came to me after she had done a run in the park and she tripped actually because the lights were out. She couldn't see the path in front of her. And so she was talking about a fundraiser to pay for lighting some of those darkened areas."

Drabik and Zewe are part of the Historic Harrisburg Association. They make up part of a number of residents who are lending their efforts to help improve the quality of life in Harrisburg.

"The city has so much on their hands right now," said Drabik, "And we're just trying to play our part in helping them."

The racers had to come prepared to run, and to do their best to light the way. Some had it planned, some didn't.

"When we signed up we got these cool shirts that glow in the dark," said Megan Wade of Harrisburg. "I tested it out, couple glow necklaces and some blinkers, reflectors, so we're safe while we're running."

But Colton Brown of Carlisle was a bit more challenged in that regard. "I have my cell phone. I'll just use the flashlight on my phone."
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