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$70K cash, weapons and drugs seized during bust in Harrisburg

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Vicious weapons, illegal guns and more than $70,000 were recently seized by Harrisburg police during a drug bust.

On Thursday, Street Crime Unit agents laid out the evidence of cracking down on crime.

"We need another table," yelled Sgt. Milo Hopper as officers spread out several stacks of small bills and guns confiscated within the past week.

"I know we have a large amount of cash here," Hooper said.

More than $70,000 in various small bills was laid out across two tables inside Harrisburg’s City Hall.

Police Chief Tom Carter said this is not only evidence in a case, but evidence of hard work.

"This is drug money we've taken off the street," he said.

Carter said police could not get into specific details of the drug bust. What he did explain was that Hooper and Patrol Officer Darrin Bates with the Street Crimes Unit obtained a search warrant to a "stash house" in Allison Hill.

Carter told abc27 News several men were arrested. He said the investigation may be connected to a larger case involving drug cartels.

"Each one of these dollars is a life that's been saved," Hooper said. "Each one of these bills you see on this table potentially represents a person that could've bought something that we actually stopped from purchasing."

Although he could not quantify an amount, Hooper said marijuana, "molly," and prescription painkillers were among the drugs recovered from the bust.

Hooper said two illegal guns were seized, as well as brass knuckles equipped with a six-inch four-point blade, a weapon most have only seen in graphic novels.

"We had a guy who had something similar on his belt buckle," Hooper said.

He described one day in the life of an officer on Harrisburg’s Street Crimes Unit. Hooper explained 16 agents make up the special force, which answers directly to Carter. Decked out in utility vests and belts, Hooper said look for the uniform’s signature SCU patch.

"If you see us around and you see this outfit, this is the Street Crimes Unit," he said.

This group infiltrates and investigated Harrisburg’s violent underbelly. While they are often unseen and unheard of, they are busy. In 2014, SCU has made 219 arrests, recovered 17 illegal guns, confiscated $87,065 in dirty cash and $30,465 worth of illegal drugs. This is separate from what Harrisburg’s Uniformed Patrol Division has accomplished.

"It's a constant attack,” Hooper said, “firearms, drugs, money."

SCU works with county and state agencies as well as uniformed police, a true “joint effort,” Carter said.

Captain Deric Moody, Criminal Investigation Division Supervisor, said his group continues to investigate open homicides, shootings and assaults.

Carter felt the need to show citizens examples how just how police are working around the clock to keep them safer.

"We are not about talk, we are about action, too, and the things that we say we are out there doing," he said.

Carter urged those interested in a career of fighting crime to pick up an application at the station or at the website dauphin.crimewatchpa.com/3/content/2014-police-testing.

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