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Shippensburg police "tired" of helmetless kids

Shippensburg police "tired" of helmetless kids

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Shippensburg Police Chief Fred Scott says each year hundreds and parents and kids are warned about the state's bicycle helmet policy.

The department wants parents to remember that all children 12 and under are required to wear a helmet if they are riding a bike, even as a passenger.

Police say parents who allow a child to ride with a helmet make not only a deadly choice, but a costly one as well. Officers in Shippensburg have been instructed to issue citations on the spot.

"You've got three choices: pay $10-$15 dollars for a helmet, pay $127.50 for a citation, or pay $1,200 for an ambulance," Scott said. "Now, of the three, which one would you rather pay?"

The law applies to all public sidewalks and roadways.

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