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York 'Smart Meters' delayed, installation starts Tues.

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -  Installing the smart meters in York City will be delayed one day as the installer got stuck in Boston, according to city officials. 

Time is running out for the decade old meters in downtown York. Starting Tuesday, 214 of the old ones will be replaced with shinier and smarter versions. 

"It's actually much easier for folks coming to our downtown we are at technology age we don't carry around coins so much anymore and this will give our downtown shoppers more convenience a different payment option," said Cheryl Rascoe with the York City Parking Bureau. 

If you are someone who doe not like change or finds new technology complicated it's fairly easy to use. 
"You just insert your credit card and then you place the amount of time, if you want to be there for an hour and a half you simply put that time and it tells you what it's going to charge you then you hit ok," said Rascoe. 
It seems simple enough and best of all drivers do not have to worry about digging for loose change. 

"I have my card and that's about it," said Brooke Benny of Felton. 

Benny visits the city frequently and says smart meters are a wise choice to encourage people to visit downtown. 

"It's easier more convenient you don't have to worry about having coins, everything is more electronic now, it's going to be much easier," said Benny. 

But not everyone is sold on the idea. 

"I park on East King Street," said Christina Shaffer of York City. 

Shaffer see's both the pro's and con's and fears smart meters will increase the price to park. 

"It's more convenient but I am worried the price is going to go up it's going to deter people from wanting to come down here and spend more time because they will have to pay more," said Shaffer. 

The Parking Bureau does not anticipate a rise in cost to park. Smart meters will be installed starting at 7 a.m. Tues. along George, Market, Philadelphia and Beaver streets. 
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