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Friends visit crash site that killed teen, injured twin

Friends visit crash site that killed teen, injured twin

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A deadly crash on Father's Day afternoon forever changed the lives of Josh and Jake Hershey.

Black, scorched grass marks the spot where the car came to rest on the 2900 block of Old Trail Road in Newberry Township.

Newberry Township police say the 18-year-old twins were traveling on Old Trail Road when Jake lost control of the Corvette he was driving, crossed the center line slamming the passenger side of the vehicle into a boulder, which then caused the car to flip on its roof and catch on fire.

Bob Hardie, who lives along Old Trail Road, heard the crash happen.

"I caught the red of the car out of the corner of my eye and then I heard a loud pop. That pop, I guess, is when he hit the rock down at the corner of my drive way. I walked over to see and the car was on fire and flipped over. There was a man already pulling the one boy out and I came up to my place for a fire extinguisher and things just went down hill from there," he said.

Police say neighbors helped free Jake Hershey from the car. Josh Hershey was thrown from the vehicle and found in the yard.

"The man next door went up to the garage and he got a piece of plywood and we all dragged the boy on the plywood away from the car before it blew up. He did not talk to us at all. We could tell he was in very bad shape. The Life Lion people were just steady giving him CPR, I would say for a good 15, 20 minutes. They just finally quit. They said that was it. There was no more they could do. Very sorry it happened. I hope the family heals," said Hardie.

The twins had just graduated on June 6th from Red Land High School. They both played football.

"They were both really funny. They are best friends. They got 'best friends' in our yearbook. They always did everything together," said Courtney Stoner.

Stoner, like many friends, stopped by the crash site to pay her respects and pray for Jake Hershey, who was still listed in satisfactory condition at York Hospital.

"My thoughts and prayers go out to their family. I imagine it is really hard for Jake because he was the one who was driving and now he has to live knowing that his best friend and brother is not there with him, to grow up with him, play football in college and everything else," said Stoner.

Friends left Red Land football jerseys and flowers at the scene of the crash.

"If it was not for Josh, the one that passed away, I would have never passed science class. He was my partner the whole year through and you never saw one without the other. The most respectful boys you would ever meet. My heart goes out to the family and I just hope Jake stays with a football career for his brother because I know he would look down on him and want him to stay doing that," said Brittany Stern.

Red Land High School provided counselors for students Monday.

Police believe speed played a role in the crash.

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