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Midstaters trying to beat the heat

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We are in our first heat wave of the season. Midstaters are finding all kinds of ways to beat the heat.

When temperatures climb into the 90's, people pack the Palmyra pool, including 9-year-old Isaiah Huffman.

"I like to come to the pool when it's hot because you can go into the pool and it's not too cold and it's not too hot. It's just warm. And when it's hot, you just go straight into the pool," Huffman said.

But not everyone can stay cool by the pool. Many Midstaters have to work outside in the heat; people like Larry Huber, a roofer with Keefer, Inc. Roofing and Siding.

"The extremes of winter and summer are both bad and you learn just to deal with it," Huber said. "I think the extreme of summer is a little harder to deal with."

Huber knows how to deal.

"We drink plenty of water. When it's really hot like this we'll come down and hose ourselves off every so often, and pace ourselves a little bit," said Huber.

As hot as it is outside, it is nothing compared to the kitchen inside the Filling Station.

"It's a lot worse in the summer than it is any other time of year, obviously," said Raige Pintarch, a cook at the Filling Station.

Pintarch spends hours over hot stoves, griddles and deep fryers.

"Usually, it's about 90 to 95 in here on a good day, so it does get pretty hot. Days it's 90 outside, it'll be 110 to 115 in here," Pintarch said.

Pintarch has the perfect recipe for staying cool.

"Lots of fluids. The occasional stock trip to the freezer is always nice. Even on days like today, stepping outside, even if it is 85 outside, it's still nice compared to in here," Pintarch said. "There's nothing more you'd rather do than swim, honestly."

Like humans, pets need to stay cool, too. Heat and humidity can cause heatstroke.

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