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Mayor Papenfuse stops by 'feline house of horrors'

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Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse stopped by Manada Street to see the so-called "feline house of horrors" and told affected residents that there is a plan in place to do something about it.

Surrounded by concerned neighbors, Papenfuse told the crowd that 17 officials met to develop a plan to deal with the “public health and public safety emergency.”

The plan will be put into action next week and will include the help of the American Humane Association. The national organization has a special team to assist the city, Papenfuse said.

He toured the area with neighbors who shared their stories, along with Harrisburg Police Chief Tom Carter. The sight is not appealing, but the smell is what really stood out.

“It’s pungent. Nobody should have to live like this, the poor couple next door,” Papenfuse said.

Residents are happy to see the mayor taking action.

“I think it’s great. He is our political figurehead for the city and its great he’s out here personally one-on-one talking to people, saying, 'I am here and going to make a presence and I am going to try,” Adam Swartz said.

“For him to come out is a good thing and hopefully he will address more of our problems and we will get everything resolved,” Dawn Swartz said.

Papenfuse urged residents in the area to stay away from the feral cats.

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