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Rail Repairs Ruining Customer's Appetites, Says Lynchburg Business Owner

Lynchburg, VA - Railroad repairs have one Lynchburg business owner up in arms. The owner of the Hungry House Cafe in mid-town says she may have to close her doors if business doesn't return.      

The city closed Campbell Avenue down on Monday for rail repairs. As a result, one small business owner-says she's the one getting railroad-ed.

During lunch time at the Hungry House, tables are typically packed with customers. Owner Ginger Tucker calls them family.

Customers like Geraldine and Buddy Milton who've been coming to the restaurant about thirteen years now.

"We love the food, we've made friends it's just like family we enjoy talking and checking on one another," Geraldine Milton said.

Since Monday, it's been much more difficult for regulars like the Miltons to make it into the restaurant and most of Ginger's customers haven't shown up at all since the city shut down five blocks of Campbell Avenue for railroad maintenance. 

Ginger says she and other business owners weren't given any notice.

"It's impacting my business to where I might have to close. Because I can't afford to pay the employees. To keep this restaurant open," Tucker said.

With Campbell Avenue closed for now, Tucker isn't sure how she or her wait staff will get by. They rely on steady business to survive in lean times.  Tucker feels like it's a decision made by a big company that didn't consider the "little person”.

"Whoever made this decision should've had the courtesy to come and talk to the business people," Tucker said.

Lynchburg's City Transportation Engineer says the city only got a one day notice from the railroad about the repairs.

Don Deberry says he did take comments from city staff about the best time to get repairs in and they wanted to get this out of the way before school starts up in the fall.

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