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Carlisle couple's dog mauled to death in public park

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A Carlisle couple says a large dog killed their miniature dachshund at a public park.

Bill and Sieglinde Smith were walking their two-year-old dog "Schatzi" Friday morning in Thornwald Park when they say a gray pit-bull mix came at them.

Using his walking stick, Bill tried to fend the dog off, but only ended up breaking the stick in half.

"It did not work. The dog never flinched," Bill said. "That's the point I keep trying to make. If someone beat me to that point, to break it, I believe I'd give them some attention."

The dog eventually dropped Schatzi and ran away. She died in the car on the way to an overnight veterinary clinic.

"She looked up at me, like 'Mom, make it stop' -- and I almost lost it and she took three breaths and on the fourth breath she struggled very hard, and she took that last breath and she was gone," Sieglinde said.

Now the couple is very concerned this dog will attack again.

"It's not going to be the last time it gets away from her," Sieglinde said. "Then next time, what if it is a baby? What are they going to do? Say 'Oh, I'm so sorry'?"

According to the Carlisle Sentinel, Carlisle police have filed several charges against the owner, including harboring a vicious animal. Police Chief Stephen Margeson said ultimately, a district judge will decide whether the dog should be euthanized.


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