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State Police commissioner reacts to AG's Sandusky report

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Attorney General Kathleen Kane released a report Monday that found no political motivation for a perceived stalling in the Jerry Sandusky investigation, but the reviews were mixed regarding investigators.

State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan says he feels there was a disconnect between what Kane said on Monday and what was contained in her report, which he feels pretty much substantiated what investigators did.

"There's nothing in the report that would impugn their integrity or their motives or anything like that," Noonan said, "but I think you could come away from that press conference wondering if that's what she was saying."

Kane said the investigation had inexcusable delays. Noonan said they couldn't rush to court with only one victim.

"If we lose that first case, if that first victim is pilloried when he comes out and there's all these people coming forward saying Jerry Sandusky's a saint, he couldn't have done it," Noonan said. "That would have had a chilling effect on any other victims coming forward."

And what about Kane's claims of two additional Sandusky victims, who she says were abused in fall of 2009, months after the AG's office got the case. That was apparently news to investigators, including Noonan.

"Yes, I was very surprised," he said. "I don't know if you know about the process, but it took 16 months to do the report."

Noonan said during that time everything that went into the report had to be looked at by a judge and then by officials.

"Well, nowhere in that report does it mention anything like that, so I was very surprised," he said.

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