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Flies a pesky problem in Halifax

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There's a pesky problem bugging a lot of people in a Dauphin County community.

Flies seem to be everywhere in Halifax.

Some people have put out traps, catching hundreds of them in just one day, but it doesn't work and no one seems to know where the flies are coming from.

"Everybody has a problem with flies," businessman Paul Enders said. "You can ask anybody, they're everywhere. We don't know why."

"I can't do anything outside because the minute you step outside they swarm you," Halifax resident Kelly Ribovich said. "It's really annoying and it's like you just can't enjoy the summer right now."

A professor at the Penn State Agriculture Extension said the flies do not look like typical black flies and he's going to look into it.

The state Department of Environmental Protection said it has been spraying for black flies and mosquitoes for weeks to deal with those insects.

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