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New Law Protects New Pet Owners

Lynchburg, VA -

When you bring home a new pet -- your welcoming a new member of your family.

But what do you do if that new puppy or kitty becomes sick, or has an existing illness? A new law is giving new pet owners more information and options.

Senate Bill 228 now requires pet dealers and breeders to provide a certificate with information on the animal. This information includes breeder information, veterinary vaccinations and checkups.

Within 10 days, if a vet deems an animal to be unfit for purchase, the dealer must offer a refund, pet exchange, or reimburse the client for veterinary expenses, up to the purchase price of the pet.

Dr. Al Henry of Peaks View Animal Hospital thinks the reimbursement for medical treatment is a fantastic option, saying "If you've had your dog for a week, sometimes, you're in love with him. You're not going to trade him back in for another dog. This gives the owner the option, at their choice, to keep their pet."

Some pet stores already have return policies in effect that cover new pet owners. Check with the store or breeder first, to get all the information.

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