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New Tech, Old Tricks Help Parents Check For Kids In Cars

Lynchburg, VA -
As unthinkable as it seems, the number of children who die each year due to vehicular heat stroke, is on the rise. The overwhelming response of parents is simply "This will never happen to me".
But with the amount of distractions parents face, forgetting children in a hot car is a real problem. Susan Auriemma from Kids and Cars dot Org says it's something all parents need to safeguard themselves against, saying "One of the messages we try to get across to parents…is that no one is immune to this. It really could happen to anyone."

Every year, around 40 children under age 14 die of vehicular related heatstroke. However, a combination of new tools and old tricks can help parents make sure they don't make this mistake. One option is a new car seat, called the 'True Fit iAlert'. It syncs with your smartphone, and sends alerts to you, if you've left your child in the seat, or if the car is becoming too hot." The seat retails for around $300.

Experts say creating habits, like leaving your purse or briefcase in the back seat, can help remind you to always check. Remembering to "Look Before You Lock" can help make sure everyone is safe.

Creative parents like Nikki Puckett say she makes sure her husband is on top of things, saying "When my Husband used to drop them off at daycare, I used to call him and make sure!"

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