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Buglers Play Taps at National D-Day Memorial


Bedford, VA - It was a touching July 4 tribute at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford Friday morning. Five buglers with the Buglers Across America gathered to play taps, in honor of our veterans. It's a small task they say means so much.

“It doesn't matter if it's five, or 50, or one. When you play taps it honors the veteran, no more and no less," said Stephen Bow, Ohio’s Assistant State Director for Buglers Across America.

"Played it many times. I've played it at military funerals and it's always an honor and it's always a challenge," said James Herward, a Buglers Across America member from Lynchburg.

“I retired two years ago and I wanted to do something important, and there's nothing more important than sounding live taps," said Carol McCutcheon, also Ohio’s Assistant State Director for Buglers Across America.

Five members of the organization decided to spend this July 4th a little differently.

“I thought it would be nice to bring our group out here to show what we do and to pay tribute to the veterans and pay the honors to them," said Bow.

Stephen Bow organized the tribute that hits so close to home for these buglers.

"My dad's cousin's name is on one of the plaques over here, which is why I play taps in this corner next to his name. So I wanted to pay honors to him," said Bow.

With 24 notes, the musicians are remembering the lives lost to protect our country, but also celebrating those who created it.

“It means everything. It's because these people did what they did that we're allowed to go about this and do what we do," said McCutcheon.

“We wouldn't be here if we didn't have a July 4th. Everybody has a July 4th, but ours is very special," said Herward.

Of the five buglers who played Friday, three were from Virginia and two were from Ohio. Bow says despite the holiday weekend, it was easy to find buglers who wanted to pay such a memorable honor to our veterans.

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