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South Boston Man Opens New Store, Turns Hobby Into A Business

South Boston, VA-- One man from the Southside has recently turned his hobby into something that he can make a living off of. 

Ron Lynch from South Boston has always been fascinated with model cars, airplanes and boats, and now he's opened up a store selling and fixing them. Lynch says ever since he was little he's been interested in automobiles. He went into retirement a few years ago and says he just got bored, so he decided to share his love of mechanics with the community. He calls it Hobby Castle.

Ron Lynch from South Boston describes himself as big kid. He spent a lot of his childhood building model airplanes and built his first make-shift car with an old motor before he was even a teenager.

"I was able to get this thing with a belt to where I could release a little handle and this thing would push my little red wagon all over the yard.," Lynch said.

He worked for years as a mechanic, and fast forward almost 60 years later, model automobiles still capture his interest. He went into retirement a few years ago, but it didn't last long.

"You know when you're used to working all your life, sitting down just don't seem like an option," Lynch said.

So he decided that if he was going to go back to work, he would do something that doesn't really feel like a job.

"I can fly every day," Lynch said.

He opened a new store front with his wife Daisy. He said it signifies a new chapter in his life, he called it Hobby Castle.

"We have everything starting from a $99 car that will blow your mind out on the sidewalk right on up to cars that are $100 plus, that are electric," Lynch explained.

Hobby Castle's shelves are also stocked with airplanes, drones, telescopes, remote trucks and more

Lynch said one of his goals is to get kids away from video games and into automobiles. He has a flight simulator that he says just might do the job.

Flying, boats perhaps, you learn about aerodynamics, you learn about hydrodynamics, you buy certain toys that you can put together like solar dynamics. These things make children think," Lynch said.

Hobby Castle will have a grand opening ceremony within the next few weeks. Lynch says the Danville R/C Flyers Club will be there and they'll set up a few big planes. Lynch will also do some demonstrations with his model cars.

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