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Faulty septic line causing problems in Upper Paxton

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Sonia Klinger says she is growing weary of a problem that has existed for nearly four years.

Klinger says a neighbor's septic line leaks raw sewage, and it becomes a bigger problem when it rains

"It will take your breath away and make you sick to your stomach,"  she said. "My children are not allowed in the front yard because of the smell and contamination."

Klinger says they have had several meetings with Upper Paxton Township officials and have called the Department of Environmental Protection, but nothing has been done to fix the problem.

Township Supervisor Ron Hepner says the homeowner purchased the property without knowledge of the septic drain line leak. Hepner says the owner is retired military and is still looking for a full-time job, and does not have the money to make the repairs.

Hepner says the township's hands are tied and it does not make sense to fine someone who is already in a financial bind. The township does not want to repair the line and place a lien on the property. He says that could set a precedent that would lead to other property owners asking the township to do the same for them.

The homeowner has applied for financial assistance. Hepner says they may know later this week if he has the money for the repair.

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