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Harrisburg looking to profit from police

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Harrisburg is hoping to profit from its police.

Mayor Eric Papenfuse said Dauphin County currently receives the fines generated by city police, and that is something he wants to change.

City Council debated the idea at a meeting Monday night.

The city's administration would like to be able to collect the fee when a criminal warrant is served for violating a city ordinance. The amount would vary and it would be paid by the accused.

The fee is nothing new. Currently, the police or a constable executes the warrant and the money goes to the county. At Monday's meeting, Council members asked where the collected money would go and if it would have an impact on enforcement.

"At the end of the day, I need to make sure we're not putting more of a burden on the people. Whether they are criminals or not, they are still our residents," councilwoman Sandra Reid said.

"It's simply a process that would allow us to move the money from one place to another, where it would be of some assistance to the city" city solicitor Neil Grover said.

The administration would like the money to be used to reduce gun violence.

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