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York countians clean up after storm

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Even though Tuesday night's storm came and went in 15 minutes, the damage it left behind was noticeable.

"In about 15 to 20 seconds, we saw - it looked like a tornado, things were flying everywhere," said Ray Berkheimer of Manchester Township.

Produce was thrown from a stand along Route 30. Numerous power lines and trees were blown down.

"All of a sudden I looked out the window and saw trees laying over and it looked like a freight train came rolling through here," said Keith Updegraff of Manchester Township.

Wednesday was a day for cleaning up. Manchester Township crews worked to cut up trees that fell onto roadways and residents were left to do the same.

"I knew it was a heavy storm coming, but it was pretty intense," Terry Peterman said. "The house is damaged, wires are down in the yard, and the roof to the shed is off."

Peterman and his neighbor, Berkheimer, helped each other out by raking their yards, piling up loose branches and cleaning up the left over debris.

"We'll have several days," Berkheimer said. "We have three trees blown down and several that topped off at about 20 foot."

They say the worst part: the storm left them without power.

"It took out the power lines in front of my house and took everything out," Updegraff said. "We didn't have power since about 8 last night."

"The storm hit, the electric went off and we don't have electric yet," Berkheimer said.

As a long-time Manchester Township resident, Berkheimer says it's been a while since he's seen a storm do so much damage.

"We lived here 47 years and I've never seen anything like this before," he said.

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