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Witnesses Testify Against York Co. Teacher

Witnesses testify against York Co. teacher

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Matthew Puterbaugh Matthew Puterbaugh
Matthew Puterbaugh's preliminary hearing was moved to the York County Judicial Center due to the amount of witnesses that came forward to testify against him.

Inside the court room it was tense and rape charges were added to an already lengthy list for the music teacher. 

Fifteen witnesses took the stand to testify against the 46-year-old, 11 of them were former female students between the ages of 13 and 21, who authorities say were unknowingly filmed in specific inappropriate angles by Puterbaugh in ways that showed the students undergarments. 

"There are three separate charges, the first one we dealt with months ago which is child pornography charges, the second one is the first case we handled today which is sexual assault charges and the third one is based on the videos found on the suspect's cell phone that we took testimony and had all the victims in today," said Asst. District Attorney Charles Murphy. 

Rape charges and two counts of involuntary devious sexual intercourse were added after one female who is now in her early 20's testified and admitted to having a sexual relationship with Puterbaugh that lasted for years when she was 12-years-old. 

"Evidence came out on the stand, that's what she testified to, the rape of a child is for sexual intercourse of somebody under 13, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse is for oral sex with someone under 16," said Murphy. 

One 14-year-old told the court, Puterbaugh would whisper to her "you're beautiful" while touching her upper thigh. Others testified saying when he touched them on the leg, the shoulders or on the backside they felt "awkward" and "uncomfortable."

"We expect to be ready to go to trial in a few months," said Murphy. 

Puterbaugh's defense did not put up much of an argument Tuesday morning. Puterbaugh is scheduled to be back at the Judicial Center for his formal arraignment on August 15. 

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