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TechBits: wifi range extenders (07.16.14)

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 Walls can pose a big problem with your home wi-fi, but there are ways to extend your coverage when walls degrade your signals.

A travel router can pick up the original signal, and re-broadcast it.  That's not what they're designed for, but they can serve the purpose in a pinch.

D-link and other brands have devices designed to extend your wi-fi range.  Many do much more than just repeat and extend your signal.  A new unit from D-link can serve as a wireless bridge, so you can use wired devices farther away from your router than your patch cables will reach.  I'It'sreat for connecting media streaming devices you don't really want ton your computer desk.  The four Ethernet ports on the back can also be used to expand the wire capacity of your existing router, in the event you have lots of devices.

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