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Defense: Ex-Philly traffic judge never took nickel

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A defense lawyer in a Philadelphia ticket-fixing case says judges are being prosecuted while people who sought favors were given immunity.

Defense lawyers argue that giving insiders "consideration" was long a tradition at traffic court - and never considered a crime.

Lawyer William Brennan represents former judge Willie Singletary, one of five judges on trial.

Singletary once promised voters on tape they'd have a friendly "hook up" at court if he won.

Brennan says Singletary was a 25-year-old high school graduate when he won the $90,000-a-year job.

And he says the FBI accused Singletary of fixing just 18 tickets, out of 73,000 processed.

Brennan says some tickets were flawed. And he says his client never took a nickel.

Earlier Thursday, prosecutors said the judges traded favors as they helped friends and allies.

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