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Local Police Fleets Affected by Ford Recall


Lynchburg, VA – Local police patrol cars are among the more than 100,000 vehicles recalled by Ford for an axle issue.

State Troopers were among the first to drive the new Taurus interceptors when Ford discontinued the Crown Victoria. Virginia State Police were just notified of the recall by a Ford representative. The agency expects to get official word next month on which vehicles will need to be put in the shop.

Lynchburg Police have about 15 of the Taurus base cars. The department is waiting on word from Ford.  They are still working to fix about 30 Crown Victorias that were recalled for a steering problem.

"The concern would simply be if suddenly we were overwhelmed with a shortage of cars,” said Lt. Dave Gearhart. “It does not appear that that's going to be a problem. The turnaround at Apple Ford has been very quick."

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office has 12 of the newer model Fords in its fleet. The office has not been notified of the recall by Ford. Sheriff Steve Hutcherson says if all 12 had to be pulled off the road at the same time, there aren’t enough spares in the fleet for deputies to driver. Hutcherson says they bought half Ford Tauruses and half Chevy Impalas last year, to diversify the fleet in the event of recalls.

State Police say once they have the list of vehicles that need to be fixed, the troopers assigned to those vehicles will be asked to take their cars to the nearest Ford dealership for repair.


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