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Woman, 58, booted from kidney transplant list

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Imagine waiting years for an organ transplant only to be told you're no longer eligible to even wait. That's what happened to a Dauphin County woman in desperate need of a kidney.

Deb Foulkrod, 58, of Swatara Township, has battled End Stage Renal Disease for the last decade. Five years after her first transplant in 2005, it became infected and she had to go back on dialysis. She'd had her name on the transplant waiting list for the last four years and believed she was getting close to the top.

"She's been through a lot over the past few years and deserves everything she can get," her son Jamie Foulkrod said.

But two weeks ago, Deb's doctor informed her that she was no longer eligible for a cadaver transplant, due to changes in the scoring system used by Pinnacle Health. Now, her only option is to find a living donor.

"I've started the process, but it's so hard to ask people. It has to come from their heart," Foulkrod said. "So my family is helping. We got fliers made and they're passing them out. We're just doing what we can do."

Pinnacle Health confirmed to abc27 that just in the last year, their transplant center began utilizing an outside company called 'XYN Management' to calculate patient risk and mortality rates. Deb's nephrologist said not all hospitals use this system, and has now referred her to Johns Hopkins Hospital for a second opinion.

In the meantime, anyone who is interested in becoming a living donor is asked to contact Nancy DeSanto, living donor coordinator at Pinnacle Health. Her phone number is: (717) 231-8825 and her email is: ndesanto@pinnaclehealth.org.

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