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Wormleysburg woman reports vulgar phone scam

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A Cumberland County woman says a five-minute phone call that started as a scam attempt took a vulgar turn when the caller starting asking sexually explicit questions.

Jennifer Boland of Wormleysburg got the call on her cell phone Wednesday afternoon.

She told ABC 27 the caller, a man, already knew personal information such as the make, year and model of her car, and her full name and address.

The supposed scammer claimed to be calling due to a reduction in insurance rates, Boland said. The caller insisted she confirm the information for that purpose.

“I told them point blank this was a scam and they kept asking me to confirm my information,” Boland said.

The person on the other end said he was in Los Angeles. Three people spoke during the conversation.

Then she says the call took a startling turn when the man started to ask vulgar, sexually explicit questions.

“I really started to panic,” she told ABC 27.

After the caller hung up, Boland called the police. West Shore Regional police are looking into it.

Police told Boland if she receives another call, she should not engage the scammer, but tell the person not to contact her again.

Police also advised her to check her credit.

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