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Judge: No pajamas in court

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

A district judge in York says the city has a dress code problem, so he put up signs to help try to correct that bad attire behavior.

The signs read "Money from undergarments will not be accepted in this office" and "Pajamas are not appropriate attire for district court."

They hang in the office of District Judge Ronald J, Haskell, Jr, who's striving to improve the city's appearance.

Just to be clear, when leaving the house in the morning, an appropriate option would be a clean shirt, preferably tucked in, and if you're heading to court or a job interview, why not grab a tie on your way out the door?

You should not be wearing an old T-shirt, pajama pants, and no, you should not be keep your money in your undergarments.

Everyone we spoke with supported Haskell's signs and say it's about time.

"You should dress accordingly, especially if you are coming to court, I don't think that's an appropriate place to wear pajamas," said Marisa Wilson of York. "I don't think anybody wants money with people's sweat on it given to them in their hands. I think it's unsanitary."

"It's good that he did this, if he didn't do it, and nobody else would talk about it, and the vast majority of us are tired of seeing people walking around with their butt crack sticking out," said Brian Tassone of York.

So, you've been warned. Money from undergarments will not be accepted and pajamas are not acceptable in court, at least not Haskell's court.

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