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NewVaughanCondos.com Releases Pre-Construction Condos Giving Users Future Proofed Bargains

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New Vaughan Condos has created a new section of its website for pre-construction condos, that allows its users to enter at investor level to buy condos at pre-construction prices and reap huge profits.

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada – August 19, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ –

Buying a brand new condo in Canada can be expensive, but that expense is always worth it. Brand new condos offer the latest features in integrated living, energy efficiency and interior design, and are effectively future-proofed for as much as twenty five years. As such, they represent an excellent investment, but even more so when people get the opportunity to buy condos from the property developer, at cost, before it is built. New Vaughan Condos has now created a new section of their website specializing in just these ventures, to help investors reap big rewards.

The site has a mission to introduce new audiences of interested parties to the world of buying, selling, and investing in Real Estate. The site now specializes however in new, Pre-Construction Condos that have not been released to the public, and oftentimes are yet to be released to even real estate agents, allowing users of the site to ‘queue jump’, and invest at the VIP stage of sales to benefit from price increases of tens of thousands by the time they become available to the public.

The site also has a section for the would-be renovators looking to profit from Distressed Properties. Properties under Power of Sale, Bank Auction, Foreclosure, Grow Ops and Estate Sales offer huge potential to find a structurally sound shell in a prime real estate market for a fraction of the market value price, allowing investors to refurbish and resell them for a hefty return on investment.

A spokesperson for New Vaughan Condos explained, “Using our search function users can be presented with properties that match their physical criteria but may vary wildly in their condition. They can see fixer-uppers, brand new properties and properties not even constructed yet to decide which will make the best return on their investment. Every listing comes with high quality imagery, in depth descriptions and clear pricing so users know exactly what they’re enquiring about should they decide to take things further. Vaughan is an exciting area for real estate, and things are really starting to get interesting, making it an ideal time to invest.”

About New Vaughan Condos:
New Vaughan Condos is a website dedicated to Pre-Construction/New Condos before Public & Agent Launch, Distressed Properties, lease, rent houses & condos at a minimum of one year, and the purchase & Sale of homes (condos and houses) in the Greater Toronto area.

For more information about us, please visit http://www.newvaughancondos.com/

Contact Info:
Name: Alexander Kvitnitsky
Email: alex@newvaughancondos.com
Phone: 647-294-4001
Organization: New Vaughan Condos

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