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Are there consequences for unpaid parking fines in Harrisburg?

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Getting a parking ticket in Harrisburg comes with a hefty price – many learned that first hand - but what happens if you never pay that fine?

Nowadays, finding a $30 parking meter violation flapping on your windshield bums most out.

"That leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I'm probably done spending money in Harrisburg," said one man.

abc27 News has reported multiple times about Standard Parking’s fines going from $14 to $30, $50 if you don’t pay within four days.

But, what happens if you wait longer?

Until SP+ took control of Harrisburg’s parking system, an unpaid fine went to the office of either District Judge Marsha Stewart or District Judge Barbara Pianka. A viewer tip said they inquired about getting a warrant for a delinquent fine to learn this person’s ticket was “not in the system.”

After contacting the offices of Stewart and Pianka, both said they have not received any outstanding or delinquent parking violations from Standard Parking at all in 2014.

District judges are handing out warrants involving other parking violations, such as street parking on street sweeping days. The judges said most of those violations are handled by the city’s parking enforcement bureau, which still handles residential areas.

In March, abc27 News reported about a snag between SP+ and Harrisburg’s Treasure Office due to a glitch in file transfer. A handful of people complained they were notified they did not pay the parking fine when, in fact, they did. The problem worked itself out. At the time, SP+ district manager Jon Kemp said they are not “sending anyone to court.”

Is this even SP+ policy to send delinquent fines to the court system?

After pouring through the Asset Transfer Agreement, a section details On-Street Parking Enforcement Procedure:

Schedule 3-1

The Enforcement Operator may implement a booting program. The Enforcement Operator may place a boot on a vehicle after not less than three (3) unpaid citations have been incurred. The Enforcement Operator may continue the City’s practice of using contractors to tow vehicles, the owners of which fail to make payments or secure administrative adjudication necessary to have a boot removed from the vehicle within 48 hours of booting. Impound fees collected for vehicles impounded will be collected by the Enforcement Operator. The Enforcement Operator will require payment of all parking infraction for an impounded vehicle prior to release.

Harrisburg’s top used towing company said they do not have an agreement of any kind with SP+. Rather, a call comes in via dispatch and typically the towing operator is not given a reason.

Calls to clarify the policy and procedure to SP+ local, district, and corporate offices have not been returned.

The question still remains: what happens if you receive one ticket and never pay?

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