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Police: Woman killed baby after 'losing temper' over crying

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Chambersburg police have charged 18-year-old Rosanna Desinor with the death of three-month-old Kaendra Destinvil.

Court documents indicate Desinor admitted to "losing her temper" and striking the infant multiple times in the head with her hand because the baby was "crying too much."

Then while carrying the child from a bedroom, police say the infant's head hit a banister, causing Desinor to drop her on the ground.

Instead of contacting authorities, police say she tucked Destinvil back into her bed and left the room. Later, another women checked on the infant and noticed something was wrong.

A neighbor who did not wish to have their identity revealed says she is horrified about what happened.

"I don't know what would make somebody snap like that, to put your hands on a child," she said.

The infant was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. An autopsy revealed the infant had several wounds, bruises and a broken skull. Ultimately, the coroner confirmed the infant died due to blunt force trauma.

Police said Desinor failed to tell anyone about the injuries to the child. She is not related the to the infant, but was left to care for the child the day of her death.

She has been charged with criminal homicide and is due in court for a preliminary hearing on Aug. 26.

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