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Teens find long wait for driving tests

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Young drivers in Pennsylvania have to wait six months from the time they get their permit until they can actually take their driving test to get their license.

Many of them have found that there is another wait involved as well: the one that is tied into the process of getting an appointment with PennDOT to take your skills test.

Back when I took my driving test, you just showed up at a PennDOT center and took the test. If you flunked, just come back the next day that they're open.

That's not the case now.

"It doesn't happen instantaneously," PennDOT spokesperson Jan McKnight said. "There are 250,000 of these tests given a year across the Commonwealth, so plan accordingly."

Nowadays, you have to go online and make an appointment. We talked with some drivers who weren't too miffed about their wait times.

"Yeah, it could be a little bit quicker," said Jesse Garman of Dover. "It's taken over a month for me to actually get the test after I scheduled it."

"You have to be really prepared to get in your scheduled time, like as soon as you can," said Sierra Van Every of Harrisburg. "Otherwise you will be waiting for a while."

Others have reported much longer wait times. One woman told us she tried over the weekend to get an appointment and the earliest she could get was December 4.

"Almost 50 percent of the people who come in to take their skills test fail it the first time," McKnight said.

Which means you have to go back in the system and schedule another time. And what if it snows?

And it doesn't sound like there will be changes.

"This is a system that has worked for us," McKnight said. "It's important to know that you have a time that's scheduled for you."

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