David Tristan

When David Tristan started in television news, they shot stories on 16mm movie film. Forty-mumblemumble years later, we’ve gone from movie film through videotape, and now record on little cards that can hold six times as much video as a large roll of film. (A good story is a good story, regardless of the recording medium.)

David attended the School of Public Communications (now College of Communications) at Boston University. The school offered two career tracks, film and television. David took the film track-then went into TV. This actually worked out, since what he does on a day-to-day basis is make short films.

Over the years David has aimed his lens at some of the biggest stories in Midstate history; the Three Mile Accident, the Walnut Street Bridge collapse, elections, inaugurations, and more snowstorms, floods, ice jams, windstorms, tornadoes, fires, crimes, and car crashes than he can count.

In 2021 he made the move from TV News to Digital News. His stories reflect his interests in history, science, and charismatic megafauna. (Though uncharismatic microfauna will do just as well.)

Away from work he enjoys reading, kayaking, helping sail a replica Viking ship on the Chesapeake Bay (We kid you not!), or just staying home and relaxing with his wife and son, both of whom (he says) are smarter than he is.

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