(WHTM) — The smallest BMW, the X1 xDrive 28i, is all new.

BMW’s compact crossover is redesigned for 2023.

BMW’s least expensive model looks a lot like last year’s, but the new X1 xDrive 28i is longer, wider, and taller.

The reviewed machine has the $4,200 premium package, which adds to the sticker but includes lots of the most popular equipment.

All-wheel-drive is standard and the X1’s interior is all new too and much improved.

The orange color comes with red seats, but at least they’re very comfortable.

Among tech improvements, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now both wireless. The latest BMW interface is now in the X1.

Climate controls are all on the touch screen and that can be cumbersome. The seven-speed automatic is a dual-clutch.

BMW has a history of being a driver’s car, and there used to be a button in the middle of the dash to turn off steering assist and lane keep assist. Now, that button is gone.

To turn off those systems in the new X1 you have to dive into the touch screen.

The second row has tight leg room with the front seats slid back. Cargo space, however, is among the top in its class. A mini-spare is included under the floor.

You can tell the X1 shares a platform with BMW’s mini brand when you see the transversely mounted 2-liter turbo four-cylinder that produces 241 horsepower.

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Handling is good and BMW’s fun-to-drive factor is there.

So for the 2023 BMW X1 xDrive 28i, thumbs up to lots of improvement, good cargo space, and good performance. Thumbs down to the touch screen climate controls.

The X1 averaged about 26 miles-per-gallon. The sticker price is $46,795.