(WHTM) — It’s the first all-electric vehicle from Genesis. Here’s a review of the GV60 Performance.

Luxury car-maker Genesis has introduced its first all-electric vehicle, which looks a lot like a conventional crossover. However, the 2023 Genesis GV60 is all electric.

The reviewed vehicle was the Performance model with 429 horsepower and all-wheel-drive.

The GV60 is very quick, going zero to 60 miles-an-hour in under four seconds.

The EPA says the car’s range is about 235 miles, and the week-long review confirmed it.

The car features level-two charging, which is a 240- volt outlet that will fully charge in around seven hours.

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With no gasoline engine, there’s room for a small cargo compartment up front along with the conventional cargo hold in the back. There isn’t room for third-row seating, but there is good-sized storage under the floor.

A facial recognition camera near the driver’s door means once you’re paired with the car you don’t need the key.

The interior is also bristling with tech. A fingerprint scanner allows you to start the car without the key as well.

Lots of cars have included cool accessories over the years, but the GV60 is the first review ever with a crystal ball on the console. When you start the car the crystal ball becomes the gear selector.

A wide video touch screen spans the dash and there’s a full suite of electronic driver aids and noise-canceling technology which makes the interior very quiet.

Keeping track of battery charge levels and efficiency is easy.

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The second row is roomy for such a trim-sized crossover.

In addition to being fast, the GV60 handles well. The steering feel is excellent and it’s fun to drive.

So, for the 2023 Genesis GV60 performance, thumbs up to the excellent performance, clever interior design, and lots of bang for the buck. Thumbs down to limited range compared to some competitors.

The base price for the GV60 is about $60,000. The Performance model is $69,560.