(WHTM) — The number one selling vehicle in American now has an all-electric version.

The new F-150 doesn’t look much different than the regular model, but the truck is 100% electric.

The 4-wheel-drive Lightning model is a top-of-the-line platinum trim with the optional extended range battery pack.

The cargo area looks conventional until you notice the panel of full electrical outlets on the driver’s side.

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Not only can you plug-in power tools, Ford says the truck can power an average home for three days during power outages.

The “frunk” (front trunk) is a large compartment.

There’s even more cargo space under the floor in the front of the truck, just like in the bed.

The interior is pretty much a conventional F-150, and that’s great because it’s very functional.

A huge center screen dominates the dash, and the center mounted volume knob is a nice touch.

Because the battery pack is mounted so low, the second row has ample room just like any F-150.

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The Lightning has an independent rear suspension so it handles a lot better than conventional F-150 models.

So for the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, thumbs up for excellent power, good range, and huge cargo and passenger spaces. Thumbs down to the high price.