EAST PENNSBORO, Pa. (WHTM) — Students at Harrisburg Academy will head back to class this morning, however, not everyone in the school will be meeting in person to learn as the year kicks off.

Some students will be showing up shortly for the first day of school, others have chosen to be a part of class from home. The academy is offering two options as the school year begins.

The first is five days a week of in-person learning and the other is an online streaming class from home. For those who have opted to stay at home, they will actually be attending their classes live online. They will be able to see their class and their teacher and fellow students will be able to see them from a monitor located at the back of the classroom.

When it comes to in-person learning, the head of school says they’ve taken the strictest safety steps in hopes of providing a safe experience for those who will be attending school.

“We changed our filters to hospital-grade filters, Merv 12, we have bought ionizing sanitizers which allow us to spray a room in about two minutes and cover it very precisely, we have bought wipes, we have bought sanitizers to put in the classrooms, we have set up one-way flows, we are keeping our students in pods so that they don’t intermingle more than they need to, we are sending our teachers to our students instead of students to our teachers to avoid traffic in the hallways,” said Adrian Allan, head of school, Harrisburg Academy.

When students arrive this morning, they will have their temperature taken while still inside their car and anyone who has a fever will be sent home.

Those heading into school will first clean their hands at a sanitizing station outside the front door.

Tomorrow morning join us for a digital back to school special. Ali Lanyon and Mark Hall will discuss everything you need to know as your kids head back to school. You can catch Back to School: Digital Download Wednesday morning at 8:30 on abc27 news plus.

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