CAMP HILL Pa. (WHTM) — Kids in several districts are now back in school and it’s been a while since drivers have had to look out for them walking and biking to class, especially in school districts where kids don’t ride the bus at all.

Camp Hill is a walking school district, meaning there are no buses picking up and taking students to school. Parents say drivers can expect some pretty heavy foot traffic.

“It would alleviate so much congestion and it would just get our kids home safe and sound,” parent Allison Hoff said.

Rather if it’s walking, bicycle, or scooter there are many ways young children are getting to school in Camp Hill.

Police say drivers need to stay vigilant in these school zone areas.

“We have multiple signs throughout Market St. as far as pedestrian crossing to try and make that as safe as possible but it is definitely important to the community to make sure that they are being mindful as well because, again, these are kids,” Officer Nathan Sellers said.

Emily Rudy says her young daughter attends Hoover Elementary and sees lots of young children walking and says drivers need to pay attention, especially along busy intersections.

“I think it’s really important there’s a lot of stop signs in our community, and if people aren’t paying attention and kinda go through, you know there’s kids around yeah I think it’s really important, I don’t want anything to be harm to my children,” Rudy said.

“It’s pretty congested in this area around the high school and middle school,” Jim Willshier said.

Parents also say they’ve seen many drivers making risky turns and not stopping.

“Yeah, unfortunately even though this is a school zone a lot of cars will not stop at the stop signs they might do a quick-rolling stop or they might not stop at all which is dangerous when you see a lot of kids that are walking whether it’s school hours or not in the neighborhood,” Willshier said.

The district has multiple signs and crossing guards around different schools Camp Hill Police say some areas have more foot traffic than others.

“We have one of the busiest intersections in Cumberland County, at 36 & Market, and there’s constantly kids coming and going to school and from school,” Officer Sellers said.

“If you have anything to do try to avoid the area between 3 pm I’d even say 2:45 pm to 3:15 p.m.,” Hoff said.

Most of all parents say pay attention.

“We all get distracted because we all have a lot of things that we are paying attention to outside of being in the car and driving but just don’t look at your phone pay attention to the road and look for stop signs and kids,” said Rudy.

Camp Hill Police also say they have officers monitoring the areas. Police also say drivers and pedestrians must do their part to prevent a tragic accident.