Why are kids abandoning sports? The new campaign to keep kids in the game

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GMA reports a new survey revealing the average child stops playing sports by the age of 11. Now, there’s a new campaign to keep them in the game.

The campaign Don’t Retire, Kid is aiming to reduce the number of kids dropping out of organized sports. The ESPN initiative is part of the Aspen Institute’s Project Play 2020. They conducted a national survey finding that the average child spends less than three years playing a sport and quits by 11 years old.

The Don’t Retire, Kid campaign is sending a message to adults in these young athletes lives through a powerful PSA. “The pressure it takes to play at 9 is not what I expected when I started at 5,” a young athlete in the PSA said.

The PSA looks at why children want to quit sports and how parents can keep them in the game. The video shows young athletes struggling and saying things like they’re “tired of coaches telling us that we’re not strong or smart enough.”

According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, in 2018 just 38 percent of kids ages 6 to 12 played team sports on a regular basis.

“Parents putting pressure on their kids who play sports isn’t new. I mean, that’s happened since the beginning of sports, especially if a parent has played the sport or really loved the game and they want their kid to exceed and they see something in their kid that they want to foster and develop,” Ericka Souter told GMA.

The Aspen Institute’s survey shows that many parents feel that coaches are the primary source of pressure on sports teams.

“I think a couple generations ago, it was unheard of kids quitting sports so early. Now, what we’re seeing are more parents allowing children to bow out when things get too tough,” Souter said.

Now some professional athletes are weighing in on the issue and encouraging kids to stick with it.


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