SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — The discovery of four decapitated bodies near the Mexican border town of Tecate brought to eight the total number of headless bodies found in the region over the last five days, the Baja California Attorney General’s Office announced Wednesday.

The four bodies in Tecate, about 30 miles east of Tijuana, were found inside a car, in what Baja Attorney General Ricardo Iván Carpio described as the result of “antagonistic attacks between rival drug cartels.”

“We’ve been able to identify four of the people killed, all had criminal backgrounds,” said Carpio. “They were all involved in weapon violations and crimes against people, that’s why we’re assuming this was a rift between organized crime rivals.”

Carpio said his office is trying to apprehend the leaders and members of the groups involved.

“The people found dead in Tecate were decapitated after being killed. We’ve learned this through forensic evaluations,” he said. “The ones in Tijuana are different.”

Carpio did not provide more details about the bodies found in Tijuana. He also refused to identify any of the eight victims.

He did say Mexico’s National Guard would increase its patrols in the Tecate area.