SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — With a pending construction project to build a highway on top of Tijuana’s Avenida Internacional — a widely-used roadway that parallels the border — city engineers have decided that during construction, it will be best to turn it into a one-way street.

Initially, it was to have one lane of traffic in each direction.

But now, the two available lanes will only take cars from the San Ysidro Port of Entry west toward the coast.

The city made this change after “further evaluating traffic patterns and the impact in the area.”

It was decided that the one-way-only pattern was best and would avoid potential problems.

“If we leave only one lane in each direction, with cars coming out of the United States in the afternoon and evening, it’s going to create a huge bottleneck and it could lead to a total standstill,” said Rafael Vázquez Hernández, director of traffic with the Tijuana Police Department.

He added that once the traffic pattern is changed, drivers traveling east into downtown Tijuana from the beach areas will have to take Second Avenue.

The work on the elevated viaduct already started, but it’s not clear exactly when traffic flow in the area will have to be altered.